How to Find Your WiFi Password on a Windows 10 Laptop,PC,Computer 2021

Because our computers log in to your WiFi network, most of us tend to forget our WiFi passwords. So, what happens if you need your WiFi password for some reason, You’re in luck because there are ways to retrieve it if your computer is already connected to your network. Here’s how to find your WiFi password on a Windows 10 Laptop,PC.

To find your WiFi password on a Windows 10 Laptop, PC, open the Windows search bar and type WiFi Settings. Then go to Network and Sharing Center and select your WiFi network name > Wireless Properties > Security Show characters.

1.Scroll down and click Network and Sharing Center. You will see this under Related Settings on the right side of the window.

Select your WiFi network name. You can find this next to Connections on the right side of the window.

Then select Wireless Properties.

  1. Nest, select the Security tab. This is found next to the Connection tab at the top of the window.
  2. Finally, click the Show characters box to find your WiFi password. The Network security key box will then change the dots to display your Windows 10 WiFi network password.

Step 2 View WiFi password directly from the control panel

Open the Run dialog by pressing Windows+R keys and type ncpa.cpl in the text field and then click on OK.

This command will directly open your network connection in the control panel—Right-click on your WiFi network here and select Status from the context menu.

Click on Wireless Properties in the WiFi Status window.


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